Working in a spontaneous manner, I paint vibrant portraits of animals and people. Each brushstroke is a possibility, and I never know how a painting might turn out. If I did, I wouldn’t want to paint it in the first place!
I do not attempt to capture a subject in a realistic manner, but instead use the subject matter as a vehicle to experiment with colours and mark making. My method of painting is a way of conveying ideas and feelings through a composition, distorting portraiture with a sense of fanaticism. I welcome the challenge of taking a monochromatic image and injecting it with explosions of colour.
My background in Graphic Design gives me a keen eye for colour and composition. I enjoy balancing the two professions, with painting offering an outlet from the structure and limits of design, which often has a goal to meet the restricting demands of a brief.
I have exhibited my work in the UK and Australia, with many paintings and prints now decorating the homes of people internationally. My most recent achievement is winning the Artist of the Year competition awarded by the Lincolnshire Pride magazine.

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